Drohtin Tales of an old Kingdom

Woodcutter Level 1 0

New Production Buildings are ready

Currently we are working very hard to create new buildings and implement new features. Since we are making good progress, we would like to share some of the first results. The  Woodcutter (Level 1) The Woodcutter Level 1 provides space for two worker. They can work at the same time...

The Hunter Tent 2

The Hunter

Hi folks, today I will introduce you to our hunter. In general the hunter is part of the food production cycle in Drohtin. The hunter sneaks to the next available animal and try to kill it with his bow. If the arrow hits the animal it dies. If the arrow...

Free 3D Bucket 0

Bucket – free game ready mesh

Hi folks, this is the first of many free available 3D mesh from Drohtin. You can use it, change it and do what ever you want (even commercial). You just have to give some credits to Drohtin. Bucket by drohtindev on Sketchfab

3D Deer 0

Deer Animation

Wow time is running so fast. But we finally mad the animation of the deer. In the video you can see the following animation: Walk Lay Down Sleep Stand Up Eat Run Die The Walk and Run animation is used to move the deer from one point to another. Usually...

StonecutterTent_Ingame 3

The Stonecutter Tent

The Stonecutter Tent produces stone. At the beginning you just build Tent which do not need stones. In order to develop your village to the next level you need to build a Church. The Church is the first concrete building (by concrete I mean out of stones). After you build...

Fisher Tent 1

The Fisher Tent

The Fisher Tent produces fish to supply your citizen with food. The worker in the Fisher Tent walks to the next lake or river and try to catch some fish. Make sure that some fishes are in the water. You will see the fish if you look into the lake....

Water Tent Ingame 2

The Water Tent

The Water Tent produces water to supply your citizen with water. The worker in the Water Tent walks with a bucket to the next lake or river and fetch some water. It is wise to build your village close to a water reservoir because the distance is shorter and your...

Smoker Tent Ingame 2

The Smoker Tent

The Smoker Tent is a part of the food production cycle. The Smoker Tent grafts the raw food to smoked food. At the moment it is possible to smoke raw fish and row meat. The next picture shows the Smoker Tent in Blender. The basic products for the smoke process...